My dragon avatar!

Metal dragon profile at sunset

Dragon Avatar profile at sunset. (Avatar created by Malathar Xavier)

Metal dragon meets your eye

Metal dragon meets your eye. (Avatar created by Malathar Xavier)

Metal dragon with jet pack

Metal dragon with jet pack. (Avatar created by Malathar Xavier)

Metal dragon

Metal dragon. (Avatar created by Malathar Xavier)

Post Update 21st May, 2008

This post has had many visits! I am updating it to provide more information about this superb avatar. I found the avatar in Second Life and it was completely free! The creator Malathar Xavier wrote: “This is an AV I created for all any new people for SecondLIfe that would like a dragon type scripted av to wear. This is a dragon robot trooper, it has beams 2 types of beams that can shoot from the eyes. They don’t do any damage and are for looks only…. The av also has a jet pack that fires up and jets out particles as you fly.. it doesn’t provide any thrust and like the eyes.. is only for looks”

Please link to this post if you use these photographs then people can learn more about Malathar and his dragon.

See Thunder-breath dragon blog for Pelagic Sea Dragon by Flea Bussy.

One thought on “My dragon avatar!

  1. Having fun with a simple hybrid created from the Full Metal Dragon Avatar. Added a free mermaid/merman (unisex) tail. Added an AO that came with it and another one with more features when desired. Removed upper and lower legs and feet. Viola! One snortin’ swimmer. It’s cool just swimming along, or dancing undersea, or using fly mode to add some versatility to user-controlled movement. I started it as a joke to play with, but now I actually like it. There are fun undersea places to roam, and mermaids/mermen to meet undersea. Also does nice swim or fly on land and in the air.

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