Self Directed Learning Exercise #1: Build Plane…

I thought it was time to be a little more adventurous in my virtual world and so I purchased a DIY plane kit for L$1 (1 Linden Dollar). I assembled the plane in a virtual house:


DIY plane kit

First of all, I opened the box that contained my plane kit and then I ‘rezzed’ all the pieces on the carpet.
‘Rezzing’ means waiting for something to appear clearly in Second Life. (Note: When you ‘tp’ (teleport) around the virtual world you sometimes materialise with no hair and no clothing and you must wait while your hair grows back and the environment around you ‘rezzes’.)


Dearie me! Something wrong with this picture…

I never read directions and I began to assemble my aircraft eagerly… However, as inevitably happens, I had to admit to myself that my plane simply was not going to fly. I conceded defeat and began to follow the instruction sheet.


Lifting wing into position

Look no hands, glue or nails! I carefully assembled my plane using my 3D tools (and instructions) and I barely broke into a sweat!


One completed plane but with no scripting

There! One plane created! The next stage is to make it fly (minor detail) this involves copying and placing scripts into the seats of the plane. I promise I followed my instructions at this stage but I could not manage to insert the scripting language. I have left the plane in the living room for now (it is dripping a little virtual oil on the carpet but it’s not too bad) I will return when I am more awake and see if I can solve my scripting problem. Then, I can teach myself how to fly!

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