Second Life – Why would you go there? #1

Blue Scar Productions

Blue Scar Productions (Comic books)

Q. ‘Second Life – Why would you go there?
A. To look at books!

A visit to Publishing Island Book Village (SLurl 3,172, 36) is like walking through a magazine about new writers. Books are displayed in shops, and the best ones have creative ways of sharing excerpts from their books. There are many places to visit on Publishing Island, in fact, you can get lost in its winding streets.

Rita Slater ‘Otherness’

Sitting at the table in the Chronicle Room and a bit green from drinking the tea.

Above you can see a recreation of Tayna’s Chronicle Room from the book OTHERNESS: RIFT by Rina Slayter (aka Twyla Briggs in SL). She writes “This big red book is called the Rede and is a very important, powerful spell book. In my novel, it truly has a mind of its own…” she adds: “The crystal ball here is almost as active as the one Tayna uses and the cup of green tea she drinks is nearly as strong. Simply click on the book and you are wafted away to Rina Slayter’s web site.



Kim Umscheid’s studio

The Artwork of Kit Umscheid. This is a great place to visit, a veritable treasure trove of goodies! Kim Umscheid has illustrated a children’s book called ‘Pirate’s Alphabet’ and you can view an electronic version in the shop. She has also put up a display that shows how the illustrations were created step by step. Make sure you look around and delve in the drawers, there are lots to see! You can look at books on the shelves and get a free version to keep. I picked out H.G Wells ‘Time Machine’ and upstairs in Kim’s studio, she appears to be building her own time machine.


Sunhead Mind Cafe has a display of beautiful book covers. You can click on a cover and then you will receive the following options: ‘Buy the book in Real Life.’ ‘Book Notes’. ‘Author Information’ and ‘Recommend.’


Open Books

Open Books say this about themselves:

“Open Books publishes classic, modern and avant-garde high-quality fiction and non-fiction. All Open Books publications are paper-free, published online, and available to read free.”

Free! ‘Nothing to shake a stick at!’ as they say in these parts!


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