‘Second Life – Why would you go there? #2


Neon Dreaming 2 by Glyph Graves. Firespire 39,148.4

Q: ‘Second Life – Why would you go there?
A: To be creative and express myself!

Perhaps it would help to point out that Second Life is literally what you make it. The ability to “create within virtual space” is possible because Linden Labs handed over the means to build and organize the virtual world to its users. That said, some people cannot manage this kind of freedom; arriving in SL they find there is no structure; they have to make decisions about what to do; feeling lonely and aimless they leave never to return. However, others thrive on this kind of freedom.

The Dutch think tank EPN state in their report ‘Second Life. The Second Life of Virtual Reality’:
“It is striking that those surveyed who spend considerable time in Second Life frequently belong to the creative or IT professions. These professions offer relatively high incomes and are populated by those who call themselves “producer”, or who make things. It appears that a creative vanguard (IT and creative professionals) has ensconced itself in Second Life.”

The report talks about creative and IT professionals, but you will also find plenty of other people who work in rather less obvious creative professions. I have met accountants, educators, social workers, nurses and students amongst others; who are also using Second Life to create things from jewelry and poetry to virtual furniture, islands, and flying saucers. In my view, they are all making art. Not the kind of art you hang on the wall. This is art you immerse yourself in and share with unexpected (and often funny) results.

Second Life is unpredictable on many levels from platform crashes, system ‘lag’ and some bizarre manifestations of human behavior on one end of the spectrum. At the other end, we have imagination unleashed with beautiful environments, live music, art exhibitions and cutting-edge educational classes (and the list goes on). This is art where you are invited to participate, interact and ‘share the paint’.


UFO and Greenie Bear by Light Waves and friends

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