The Alchemist: Light Waves / Starax Statosky

Crescent Moon Gallery currently has an exhibition of the work of Mr Light Waves / Starax Statosky the virtual world artist and sculptor. I went to visit with my virtual camera and recorded these pictures for Cyberloom.

Dragon by Starax Statosky


Ghostly Eagle by Light Waves


Lion by Light Waves


Touched by Starax Statosky


Goliath by Starax Statosky


Kong by Starax Statosky


Dialogue box for 3D building.

As far as I understand it all the above sculptures were created using one of these dialogue boxes and all these creations only exist in the virtual world.

Visit: Not Possible Irl for more information about Light Waves/Starax Statosky in the post The King is dead. Long live the King! Starax Statosky is gone, but Light Waves carries on

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