Achieving ‘Mystical Serenity’ with advanced settings

Mystical Serenity

‘Mystical Serenity a romantic isle’ is the perfect location to experiment with the Second Life 1.20.0 platform update. This romantic and peaceful island has lots of water, big skies and beautiful trees.

I took these first 1.20.0 photographs using advanced settings in the environmental editor (under World in the top menu bar).

Mystical Serenity, water lilies and boat

Advanced sky settings set to ‘Blue Midday’ and water set to ‘glassy’ producing a soft pastels look.

Mystical Serenity and reflected clouds

‘Fine Day’ with ‘distance’ and clouds adjusted for compositional effect

Mystical Serenity

‘Fine Day’ once again. You can move the sun in an arc across the sky and watch the changes in lighting and shadow. It looks pretty amazing, like watching time lapse photography speeded up.

Pirate ship in the fog

Pirate ship in the distance and ‘Foggy’ setting.

‘Mystical Serenity’ has nooks and cranies galore to explore, the picture above gives a glimpse of a small sandy beach with a treasure chest and camp fire. There are many surprises on the island, but I won’t give them away!

Cyberloom with baby dragons

Cyberloom with baby dragons, this picture was taken using the previous viewer and now seems less 3D when compared to the pictures taken using the new viewer.

The updated viewer takes a while to get used to. It gives a huge range of choices for how your virtual world can appear. We may soon see an explosion of gaudy images emerging from Second Life! The pictures above are from my first experience with the viewer. The next thing is to find a good reason to render a ‘Valdez’ oil slick or ‘Second Plague’ water effect!

Some will feel overwhelmed by the range of choices now available, but they can always leave their settings on default, and avoid the learning curve. The biggest concern is the demand on computer resources, but if I understand correctly you can open preferences, and move all your graphics sliders down low (if your system is having problems). I suspect many people are going to be updating video cards and some may be buying new computers to handle the updated graphics demands.

Take a look at the Torley Linden YouTube tutorial (below) on setting graphic preferences if you want to know more.

May you find ‘Mystical Serenity’ with advanced settings! Oh… by the way this island looks gorgeous on any setting but its a great place to hang out and practice with your viewer!

7 thoughts on “Achieving ‘Mystical Serenity’ with advanced settings

  1. wow cyber….you made the place look great! That’s it….I’m going back to the RC…I didn’t know they re-did some of the WL features. And thank you for putting Torley’s new graphics tut here, if you don’t mind, I think I might link to this particular post (or since I am not net brilliant, give a c&p url), you have some great settings and the tut all in one!

  2. Hey! Feel free to link!
    Misty, the isle is beautiful. Team Mystical have created a great place to visit. It certainly is worth taking a look at Torley’s tutorial as it is full of useful tips, but make yourself comfortable before you watch as its about 28 minutes long (worth the time though). I wonder if people will now say as you teleport in to a new spot ‘please set your viewer to ‘Barcelona’ or ‘Funky Funky Funky’ to fully enjoy this location? (As opposed to: viewed best with settings on ‘Midnight’.)

  3. /me wants a new computer *pouts*
    I’m living opposite Mystical Serenity but since the new viewer I can’t even see it anymore (nor the mentioned pirate ship) as my graphics are automatically set to lowest distance 😦
    I still have to watch Torley’s tutorial (curses on FL keeping her from that) but I fear the worst :((
    *smiles again* but ty for the great pictures Cyberloom, and indeed, Mystical Serenity looks good in any viewer 🙂

  4. Uh Oh… I had 2 versions of SL on my PC. I updated one and not the other and the earlier viewer still works fine. (I kept it as it takes less time to load, I use it when I want to nip ‘in-world’ to chat to someone, or check something quickly.) I thought LL gave the option to download earlier versions of SL but I may have dreamt that? I can’t find such a download anywhere. LL would be wise to make it possible to download earlier releases then people can just reverse the update if things are not going right. Another option might be to go to this link it takes you to SL’s web site and a list of drivers and utility updates maybe something here might help you? See how playing with the graphic preferences affects things first. I saw on my RC that I could move the slider up to max, and increase draw distance and things looked stunning but made flying very sedate. You may have to make a choice between what you can see (if you stand still) or moving fast (but seeing less)? Good luck Zippora!

  5. Hey, tnx a lot for the tips 🙂
    Indeed, you can (still) download the previous viewer here. But luckily I didn’t need to do that. I watched Torley’s tutorial, tried the custom buttons, could enjoy a few seconds of shininess and reflections but was completely unable to move 😦
    Anyway, increasing the draw distance *did* work out fine, so I can see Misty’s land again from my beach 🙂 (Even better: I can now walk to her, as our landlord has built a bridge between our sims the other day, and with the higher draw distance this bridge at least doesn’t vanish in the mist).

    So, nothing of the new features in the viewer for me, but I’m already happy it looks as the old one again. Although my impression is that it’s more stable, yay!

    Concerning the driver updates: I’m working on a MacBook with (apparently) an Intel chipset for the graphics, and I couldn’t find anything for those. But I’m such a not-techie, I even wonder if these chips work with drivers, like a seperate graphics card does? So if somebody out there knows how to improve performance on a MacBook, please give me a call 😉

  6. Hello Zippora! Thank you for the link to the previous version download site. This link is really useful for anyone who cannot get the Release Candidate to deliver the goods on their aging machine. I don’t know about driver updates for Intel Macs that is a good techie question!

    Glad you can see Misty’s land again! Phew!

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