Flea in NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ #2

Corra Nacunda by Flea and Scarp Godenot art

Corra Nacunda avatar by Flea Bussy looking for flowers to eat in ‘Florilishiousness World’ by Scarp Godenot.

I decided to experiment with the size of my photographs. These images can be be seen much larger if you:

  1. Click once on the image in the post.
  2. Then wait until your mouse cursor turns into a plus sign.
  3. Now click again and see the images super-sized.

Photographs below show more of Scarp Godenot’s installation ‘Florilishiousness World’ which can seen in the NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’. in Second Life.

Scarp Godenot - \'Florishiousness World\'

Scarp Godenot - \'Florishiousness World\'

Scarp Godenot - \'Florishiousness World\'

Flea Bussy’s avatars can be found at Grendel’s Children, Dragons, The Birdworx, and more! in Second Life™.

Please see preceding post: Flea in NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ #1″

2 thoughts on “Flea in NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ #2

  1. Being able to see you pictures full size is great! Your pictures are always intriguing and involving!



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