Flea in NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ #3

Alpha Auer\'s \'Public Baths\' with Lily Dryad by Flea Bussy

Lily Dryad standing in Alpha Auer’s ‘Public Baths’ installation. NPIRL’s ‘Garden of Delights’.

Back to my explorations of NPIRL Garden of Delights with Flea Bussy’s avatars. (I just love these strange images!) Alpha Auer’s ‘Public Baths’ were definitely peculiar, yet oddly charming, and peaceful at the same time. Just imagine lying in a tub with gentle jelly fish wafting back and forth across your face! Alpha’s note-card provides the following information:

“Please jump into the pond to take advantage of the extraordinary cleansing and relaxing properties of the Garden of NPIRL Delights Public Baths, provided for your enjoyment through 6 bathtubs. The fact that the bathtubs are already submerged in water should not confuse you: The water inside the bathtubs is quite separate from the water inside the pond, having been piped here directly from the Black Mountain of Syncretia island – a location well known for its high levels of alchemical cleansing and rejuvenational properties.
Alpha Auer

Oh and… please do not be irked by the jellyfish! Not only are they squeaky clean themselves but they also secrete additional chemical agents into the water for enhanced skin softness and blemish removal…”

Alpha Auer\'s \'Public Baths\' (The pool)

Surface view of Alpha Auer’s pond.

Eshi Otawara\'s Death of a Phoenix\'

Jumping from the bath water and into the feathery fire…

Next a visit to Eshi Otawara’s ‘Death of a Phoenix’. This work reinforces what I said in Flea in NPIRL’s ‘Garden of Delights’#1 that art in Second Life frequently invites us to step right into it and become part of it. In this case you click on the dress of burning feathers and suddenly your avatar is wearing it making you look like an exotic dancer. This makes me wonder about that philosophical question: ” If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Or, in this case if an art work is incomplete without you, is it visible when you are not there?

Eshi Otawara\'s \'Death of a Phoenix\'

Wearing Eshi Otawara’s dress.

Flea Bussy’s avatars can be found at Grendel’s Children in Second Life™. Visit Bettina Tizzy’s blog NPIRL for more information about the NPIRL Garden of Delights.

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