Flea (and Bettina Tizzy and Sabine Stonebender) in NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ #4

Bettina Tizzy. NPIRL Garden of Delights

Bettina Tizzy’s installation

Continuing with my ‘Ever Changing Avatar Tour’ of NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ I found myself on Bettina Tizzy’s sky platform standing between two liquorice trees (at least thats what I call them). One half of the platform floor looks like ice while the other half is a floor of hot lava. Prickly music notes float in a gauze around each tree giving them a cactus-like appearance. I discovered that if I clicked on these floating notes I could hear musical chords. By repeatedly clicking on the notes I actually made music! (Can’t claim that everyday!)

Seemed appropriate to change into Flea Bussy’s Icy Draconite avatar here in an attempt to color coordinate with the music notes at the chilly end of the platform.

Draconite by Flea Bussy and Bettina Tizzy\'s installation

Draconite ‘chilling’ on the lava flow.

Draconite by Flea Bussy

And a Flame Draconite (male) looking rather splendid !

Flame draconite avatar by Flea Bussy

Flame draconite taking a ‘light bath’ in the middle of the sky platform.

I tried to find out more information about this exhibit but there was none other than the NPIRL’s hud that gave me Bettina Tizzy – Treesong by Sabine Stonebender’ before I teleported up into the installations. Some of the secrets of this exhibit were revealed in stages but others remain hidden!

If you want to know more about NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ try these links:

Bettina Tizzy’s blog: Not Possible IRL

Press release: A Virtual Art Show that Would Not be possible in Real Life

YouTube video ‘NPIRL Garden of Delights’ by Hamlet Au of New World Notes

And for the very best way to see all the photos on FLICKR that feature the Garden follow these directions from ‘Your Photos, your world’ on Bettina Tizzy’s blog: “… try Tag Galaxy and then type “NPIRL” as a tag.”

Take time to visit Rezzable as well! The Garden was a collaboration between Rezzable and NPIRL. See ‘Delights, Wonder and Chaos: Explore the Garden!

To see more of Flea Bussy’s avatars visit Grendel’s Children in Second Life™

4 thoughts on “Flea (and Bettina Tizzy and Sabine Stonebender) in NPIRL ‘Garden of Delights’ #4

  1. I’m pleased ya’ll enjoyed my creation. That work was originally part of a show I did with elros Tuominen on land thoughtfully provided by Bettina. It’s more or less a study of opposites and the attraction btw them using music to add depth to the visuals.

  2. Sabine, this was an intriguing creation. I did look for more information about it when I was there. I appreciate your writing and filling me in. I will certainly look out for more work by you in the future. Now I am thinking I should have called this post ‘Flea (and Bettina Tizzy and Sabine Stonebender) in NPIRL Garden of Delights 4… But this is my blog, I can do what I like with it… so I WILL change the title! Cheers, cyberloom

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