AngelGate almost ends with a bang…

Box avatar by Flea Bussy dancing a happy dance

Cyberloom doing a happy dance after winning L$1,000 in the AngelGate photo competition. I have a sneaking suspicion there were no other entries in the competition, but I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth (L$1,000 is L$1,000 afterall). I am wearing the box avi created by Flea Bussy from Grendel’s Children, this fetching (and free) avi is perfect when you have no idea what to wear.

Bau Ar in light rays at the AngelGate end of show party

Bau Ur curator of AngelGate galleries dancing in a great ray of light. This celebration marked the official closing party of the “RADIANCE” art shows though Bau Ur wrote in a notecard “the show will remain in place for an indeterminant while longer, but this is the official end.”

Box avi by Flea Bussy at the end of show party at the Angelgate galleries

The party was given the theme “Famous for Fifteen Minutes” and Bau also wrote on the invitation “Guests will be invited to rez objects they have created, and show them around the dance floor to be admired for fifteen minutes at a time. At the end of the last party everyone is invited to rez fireworks, large art, and outrageous particle effects until we freeze or crash the sim. Wo-Hooooo!”

Truthseeker Young standing in front of photo of Cheen Pitney sculpture

Truthseeker Young (one of the exhibiting ‘RADIANCE’ artists) arrived wearing a fascinating avatar (click the photo twice to see the picture’s detail). This outfit demonstrates (one of Cyberloom’s favorite themes) that avatars can truly be works of art in themselves. Truthseeker is standing in front of my photo of Cheen Pitney’s ‘Eagle Dancer’.

Avatar wearing his heart upon his sleeve

This is the avatar of Voodoo Buwan from Voodoo’s avi is wearing his heart on his sleeve and the heart was actually pulsating! (In the background you can see Cyberloom’s photo of Saiwun Yoshikawa’s moving feathers installation).

Angelgate end of show party

At the end of the party the floor was filled with various rezzed sculptures and then in the final minutes there were massive explosions that preceded a cube waterfall. Cyberloom appeared to be protected by her box avi (cube respects cube). However some of the other avatars were less fortunate triggering the following message from Bau Ur:

“Apologies to everyone that got tossed off the gallery roof last night. It was the last few minutes of the party and I okayed and encouraged ‘silly extreme creations’ that ‘normally can’t do at an art show because of prims, physics, scripting or whatever’. the explosions bounced me only about a meter. Apparently various kinds of AOs greatly affected what it did to us. I hope everyone got to see the cube waterfall before crashing. I am pleased to report that the sim itself held up well!”

Visit Angelgate RADIANCE exhibition to see shows which explore the special power of darkness, light, and color in SL art’.

To see more of Flea Bussy’s avatars visit Grendel’s Children.

Earlier Cyberloom post that features the Radiance exhibition at AngelGate ‘3D mind maps and Web 2.0’

Next post will show Cyberloom’s Angelgate photos.

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