Art objects in the digital ether

Aiyas Aya at Angelgate

Aiyas Aya, Stella platform, AngelGate Arts

AngelGate Orbs and Sky Platform

Angelgate Orb and Nephos platform, AngelGate Arts

elros Tuominen at Angelgate

elros Tuominen, Nephos platform, AngelGate Arts

Madcow Cosmos and Apollo Reinard at Angelgate Art

Apollo Reinard ‘Shards of the Sun II’, Stella platform, AngelGate Arts

Scarp Godenot at Angelgate

Scarp Godenot’s abstract sculpture ‘The Egg Comes First! Dimension’ and painting by Ahkums Razor, Ether platform, AngelGate Arts

Saiwun Yoshikawa at Angelgate

Saiwun Yoshikawa’s ‘Peacock’, Ether platform, AngelGate Arts

Cheen Pitney at AngelGate

Cheen Pitney ‘Eagle Dancer’ , Zen Tree, AngelGate Arts

All photographs taken at the RADIANCE exhibition at AngelGate Arts.

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