Lost in a ‘Lively’ Nightmare!

I decided to take a look at Google’s new online world called ‘Lively’. It was a pretty horrible experience! With very mournful looking avatars and cartoon-ish environments. When you type, your text is attached to you by long voice bubbles that give the impression of pinning you to the web page like a dead moth! I think there were a lot of people dropping in to check out Google’s latest application while I was there, and that added some life to the proceedings. However, if too many arrived at one time we became tangled together like some unfortunate collision more suitable for a scene from ‘The Fly’! Here are a few images brought back from ‘Lively’. The name does make me wonder a little… why ever did they call it ‘Lively’?
Second Life Room in Google's 'Lively'
cyberloom posing in Linden Lab's Room in Google's 'Lively'. Wondering why Pathfinder Linden added the mines? Is he dropping a hint?
Sad avatars in Lively's Science Fiction Room
Mournful looking avatar in Lively's Science Fiction Room
Lost in Lively
'Lost' in 'Lively'
Tangled up of avatars on 'Lost' in 'Lively'
Collision of avatar dna on the 'Lost!' Island
Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare Before Running back to my Imperfect World

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