Spooky automatically generated intelligence!

WordPress.com has added a new feature to blogs that runs along the lines of search engines like Google to draw in traffic. You can see at the bottom of each post the following statement: Possibly related posts: (automatically generated). Then you will see a list of possibly related posts. Well, I found the following two articles under yesterday’s post:
Spooks Eye Second Life and Congress Freaks Out Over Second Life Terrorism. Terrorism? Spooks? I did not write about anything of the kind. Goodness me! I had visions of undercover avatars posing as students after reading Spooks Eye Second Life!

cyberloom undercover
If you can't beat them, join them! cyberloom undercover...

Of course the word that generated these ‘Possibly related posts’ was ‘intelligence!’ It’s funny to think that the first automatically generated association with intelligence is spying and terrorism! (A somewhat sad realization for an educator.) This got me wondering about how some forms of intelligence are not intelligent at all. Then I started wondering about negative intelligences such as ‘paranoid intelligence’ which I am guessing is a useful quality in security officers? But then are such intelligences intelligent? Probably an intelligence officer is picked for their ‘Intelligent Intelligence’! Ok… I know enough.

cyberloom undercover 2
cyberloom undercover 2

Still, it has to be observed that America is the country whose Secret Service Agents can be seen running around wearing jackets that say ‘Secret Service’ in big letters on the back! That does call into question the intelligence of Intelligent Intelligence!

I know I said I would stop… I will now! I wonder what possibly related posts will be automatically generated by this post? I can’t wait to see!

And finally, a tip for undercover agents on a budget. The shades and cardboard box can be purchased for $L0 at Grendel’s Children in Second Life™.

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