You need chaos in your soul

“You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)
I have been thinking you need chaos in your soul to create an avatar, to immerse yourself in synthetic worlds, and to play like an child in cyberspace. Children who played in the mud of London’s River Thames at low tide were called ‘mudlarks’… We are today’s mudlarks, the children of MUDs (Multi User Domains) in virtual worlds.
Draconite dance
Draconite (my dancing star avatar) posing in rainbow light on Templum ex Obscurum

Some people ‘take off’ when freed of the constraints of the conservative, physical world. They build in pixels, re-shaping the chaos of life; translating the physical world into visual metaphors through creative concentration. An avatar called Baron Grayson unleashed his imagination in Second Life to construct an island called Templum ex Obscurum. He is, according to his Second Life profile, enduring the chaos of a furniture move in the ‘real world’. While he is ‘away’ avatars with virtual cameras are running around Templum ex Obscurum snapping away like Olympic athletes at a closing ceremony.

Draconite dances in the cave
Draconite dancing in the Templum ex Obscurum cave

There are two reasons for all this digital activity, the first being that Templum ex Obscurum is an amazing immersive experience; and the second reason is Bettina Tizzy. The empress of The Not Possible In Real Life movement in Second Life is running a flickr page featuring photographs of Grayson’s work. She has challenged photographers, and machinima makers, to capture this atmospheric world.

Draconite dancer 3
Draconite's sunset dance

I decided to add my own pixels to the photo party and will be posting more photographs of Templum ex Obscurum over the next few days. My avatar will get to play crazy dress up games as I explore the chaos of my own soul and the photogenic island.

Flame Draconite Created by Flea Bussy of Grendel’s Children

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