A spoon swirling through honey

I went to visit the gigantic ‘Burning Life’ art exhibition in Second Life on a Saturday evening (madness). Many, many people were visiting the displays or celebrating the event at temporary music stages amongst the exhibits. Live music was being streamed in from the physical world to the synthetic world to entertain dancing avatars. The ‘in-world’ map showed wobbly towers of green dots at all the happy hot spots. Now, when you see those teeter-tottering avatar pile-ups you know the lag of Second Life will be bad, add in the intricately detailed builds of the exhibits, and you know you are in serious time warp territory. Nevertheless, I teleported into the slow motion zone and began to explore, spurred on by the knowledge that all this incredible work can only be seen for a week!

Avatar on Narita Rayna's Ferris Wheel
Avatar (wearing duck helmet) on Narita Rayna's Ferris Wheel. In the background you can see the blue 'Pleasure Drome' tower built by Lana Tomba.

I began by walking really, really slowly and then I would suddenly start spinning my avatar legs and arms but not move at all. Music would veer in and out of ear shot as I moved from one ‘Burning Life’ parcel of land to the next. I sat on Narita Rayna’s Ferris Wheel and experienced what it must be like to be a spoon swirling through honey. (New experiences are guaranteed in Second Life!)

Flamingos by Lana Tomba
Flamingo Island by Lana Tomba on floor 3 of her Pleasure Drome

The lag was so bad I could not use the teleport on the Pleasure Drome so I used my camera to view the different floors and I am glad I did as I managed to see the haunting Flamingo Island room.

vroum Short's flowers
vroum Short's beautiful flowers

Perhaps the most beautiful creation I saw was vroum Short’s gorgeous flowers set against the night sky. Finally, exhausted by the stodgy lag my avatar took a nap on a log under a cardboard box… built by Ledoof Constantineau.

Avatar overwhelmed by lag snoozes in what looks like a trap...
Avatar overwhelmed by lag snoozes in what looks like a trap...

Burning Life Locations mentioned above:

Narita Ryan’s Ferris Wheel
Lana Tomba’s Pleasure Drome
vroum Short’s Flowers
Ledoof Constantineau’s Box Shelter

(Update: The Burning Life Exhibition in Second Life™ has now ended. Next exhibition in 2009.)

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