3-D Pop Art Lab Experiment

Spawn of Sotek listening to AC/DC in the Rock pavilion!
Spawn of Sotek listening to AC/DC in the Rock pavilion!

One of my favorite places in Second Life is the Pop Art Lab (PAL) created by Claus Uriza. Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to see Claus, and (despite being really busy) he took me on a tour of the secret chambers hidden around PAL. (Just click on the heart shaped boxes of chocolates dotted about the Labs to teleport to the surprise locations.) Claus told me that he has approached 5,000 visitors since the Labs were officially launched on September 5th! Not bad! The Labs are a test project, analyzing the 3D world platform as a location, where you can listen to new album releases in Rock, R&B/Hip Hop, Electronica and Pop styles. (You can also watch movie trailers here too.) Media is streamed in 24/7 and updated on a daily/weekly basis at the Labs, and what is more you can hear the new CD releases in full length! As I wrote in an earlier post ‘plug it in, change the world’ a visit to PAL is like taking a walk inside an old fashioned radio.

Lily Dryad (Veyanki) dancing to New Order in the Electronica pavilion
Lily Dryad (Veyanki) dancing to New Order in the Electronica pavilion.

3D web pages, browsers and online social networking spaces are currently undergoing considerable experimentation at the moment. A number of companies are trying ideas out and the 3D concept is taking on various manifestations. Try typing ‘3D web browser’ into Google to see a slew of new approaches eg, SpaceTime, ExitReality, and 3BRooms, not to mention sites such as Google’s Lively. The ‘killer application’ may not have appeared on the horizon just yet but you can see hints of what is to come. It makes a lot of sense to promote music the PAL way; just imagine something like iTunes as a 3D world shop with rooms to chat, dance and share recommendations etc. A visit to PAL is a glimpse into the future of music promotion and marketing.

Lily Dryad (Vornaki) dancing outside the movie theater at PAL.
Lily Dryad (Vornaki) dancing outside the movie theater at PAL. (Notice how the Vornaki looks like a kitsch show girl!)
Hip Hop Robot dancing to
Robot dancing to Lil Mama in the Hip Hop Pavilion.

Claus is always thinking of new things to entertain his visitors, whilst also managing audio streams for recent album releases and setting up live music events. (Take a look at his blog at http://popartlab.blogspot.com/ to see previous events and get notices for new upcoming live shows.) Claus promotes music is a novel way, demonstrating how business promotions can work in Second Life if they have some intrinsic value (i.e. they are entertaining and/or informative). A teleport is very easy in Second Life, that means it is equally easy to teleport in as well as out again! The secret is to make the teleport worth while and keep your visitors. Claus keeps his visitors at PAL, and the live shows can be completely packed as Speedmaster Bing describes in PowerMatch.

Royal Draconite dancing on the roof of PAL
Royal Draconite dancing on the roof of PAL.

For the pictures in this post I switched around avatars at PAL (while listening to the music streams of course). Then I added dance animations and tried to photograph my avatar as it careered around! I am wondering if this could qualify as a new form of action photography? Mind you, attempting to catch the ‘Decisive Moment’ of avatar dance animation made me wish I had a motor drive on my digital camera!

Pop Art Labs will be featured on SLCN’s TV show RealBiz on November 3rd at 2pm (SLT) and this appearance will include a tour of the Labs.

Credits and Locations:

Pop Art Lab

Spawn of Sotek, Lily Dryads and Royal Draconite avatars all created by Flea Bussy of Grendel’s Children

Robot Seeker created by BUFF Steinbeck.

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