Good Luck World!

Time to get out the vote American friends! spoof CNN video

Send a clever video encouraging your friends to vote for Barack Obama. Just put your friend’s name, and email address into the boxes on this page (spoofing CNN) at: CNNBC Video. Your friend will be held responsible for losing the campaign for Obama because they stayed in bed!

Remember the ‘Sorry Everybody’ website that showed thousands of Americans apologizing to the world for the last election? Hopefully, this time around there will be no need to create such a website!  All those good people were right to apologize too, they foresaw how the world would be further damaged with George Bush as President once again.  

Obviously, Only Americans are allowed to vote, the rest of us can only cross our fingers and hold our breath. (Imagine if the whole world could vote for the US President? Maybe one day?)

Don’t forget to check out the CNNBC Video site, put your own name in to watch the video, then send it to an American!

Good luck world!

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