Dragon Sage Smoke and Fire Proof Jackets

Hatching the dragon's egg
Hatching the dragon's egg

I waited 21 days for this dragon’s egg to crack open. I read that they are best kept at room temperature, away from radiators or bright sunlight. At night the egg would glow and emit a high pitched squeak, and it became sizzling hot on the day the egg finally broke open. When the egg cracked there was a blood curdling screech that seemed to come from the egg rather than the pathetic looking wrinkled occupant.

Posing with pet shoulder dragon created by Vilem Beaumont
Posing with Spit-Wrath my pet dragon created by Vilem Beaumont

The baby dragon is cute in an ugly way and appears happiest perching on my shoulder. (I am not sure if it can fly yet.) I found that whenever I took the small creature off my shoulder it had a temper tantrum that involved firing spitballs of red hot lava (hence its name Spit-Wrath). This shoulder perching has become less of a problem since I found a fire resistant leather jacket (an acquisition that has improved the quality of life for us both). Now when it sneezes, or burps, my clothing just smolders slightly. (The leather jacket also protects me from its needle sharp claws.)

Spit-Wrath has a constant stream of smoke coming out of its nostrils, this smoke has a pleasantly mild perfume reminiscent of burning sage. The one problem with this dragon sage smoke is that it gets in my eyes and makes them water so for the time being I have opted to wear goggles.

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