A blog rotisserie

The other day this blog’s stats rocketed to a very high pointy spike! Further investigations revealed that the source of this sudden increase in visits was a website called alphainventions.com. This website cleverly locates recent blog posts from a number of blog sites e.g. WordPress, Blogger and Windows Live, it rotates the newly minted blog posts within a simple white frame. (A blog rotisserie displaying still warm blogs!)

cyberloom displayed on the alphainventions website
cyberloom displayed on the alphainventions website

Stop the blog rotation with pause/read
alphainventions gives you the option to stop the blog rotation and read a particular post, once you have finished reading you press play and the blogs start rolling again. If you don’t press pause/read you have just a few seconds to scan each blog before the next one appears. Like everyone else I am drawn by striking images, stylish layouts, witty or thought provoking blog names and/or blog post titles. If you are considering redesigning your own blog it might help to go to alphainventions to watch the blogs spin by and see for yourself what works, and what doesn’t work on other people’s blogs.

If you don’t click on pause/read you will only have time to read about two sentences before the next blog appears. While I hovered around perusing different blogs I saw that the frame displayed a little green button next to my blog name saying that I was online, and if anyone wanted to comment on my post they could do so. This creates the potential for immediate feedback to blog posts.

Top buttons on alphainventions
Top buttons on alphainventions

Blogs are like little platelets…and the secret of perpetual motion
The frame also offers other options, you can add your blogs to join the rotation. If your blog is featured, and you visit the alphainventions site, you generate yet more views to your own blog (in just a few minutes 20 views were generated). Question… did I cause this increase? Were these phantom hits I wonder? Is alphainventions some kind trick with mirrors, reflecting blogs into infinity?

No, perhaps alphainventions is more like a microscope capable of looking into the anatomy of the web revealing blogs spinning by like little platelets flowing down hidden web arteries. It seems as though the creator, Cheru Jackson, has established a kind of perpetual motion, a cycle of reciprocal behavior. First of all he randomly picks blogs and features them in his rotisserie, the blogger is then astonished to see all the hits on their blog and investigates. While visiting alphainventions the hits actually seem to increase; Cheru then encourages his visitors to leave comments on each others blogs; link to his site in their blogrolls; and write about his site. The reward is to get your blog into the rotisserie, and see stats climbing. This appears to satisfy many of Cheru’s visitors, that is, they use the site to get hits, and that is the end of story for them.

Nothing to shake a stick at…
However, if you study the stats information few visitors filter through to actually landing on your blog to read it. Out of 100 views, I would say I had 12 visits with 4 people reading the post.That’s nothing to shake a stick at of course, and possibly out of those 4 readers, 1 person might subscribe? Who knows? I would prefer it if alphainventions had some kind of filtering system that would help bloggers find blogs relevant to each other. What you get for now is a completely random array of blogs that cover every topic under the sun. It does not hurt bloggers to lift their heads out of their favorite categories and view the big picture, but I did find myself wondering how alphainventions could be improved.

I would start by making the frame more professional and polished looking; I would add some kind of filters so I could see the blogs that relate to my interests. I prefer to have fewer ‘hits’ and more real visitors; draw in folks because there is truly something of interest for them look at or read. And a funny thing, the view you see of other blogs seems to show the bloggers dashboards, not the public view but a private view as though from inside the blog program? Mind you, Cheru could be onto something if he develops the application. I could see this livening up a blogger’s personal feed aggregator page, rotating selected blogs effortlessly. With today’s information overload, anything that simplifies and helps us manage information is appreciated. If I had a personalized alphainventions application I would keep a ‘random’ button that would occasionally shift me out of my favorite category groove, and remind me of what else is ‘out there’. In the meantime I can visit alphainventions for its glimpse into the vast world of disparate blogs, I suggest you get yourself a cup of coffee and go for a spin and see what you think!

Visit alphainventions.com to learn more!

3 thoughts on “A blog rotisserie

  1. Well, thank you Cheru! You are very gracious! Good luck with the project!

    Do you have future plans for AlphaInventions?

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