Stand-by for more Bryn Oh images…

As promised in my earlier post (‘Immersed in the imagination and smog of Bryn Oh’) here are some more photographs of Bryn Oh’s abandoned robot theme park on Immersiva.   

Music deer bot by Bryn Oh on Immersiva
Music deer bot by Bryn Oh on Immersiva


Bryn Oh's Tower
Bryn Oh's Tower


Top of the tower and a Second Life quirk removes the tower walls
Top of the Immersiva Tower (walls temporarily removed by rezzing quirk)


Window in the sky
Window in white




Sky poem
A poem from the sky... Just one of the many Bryn Oh poems to be found on (or above) Immersiva


And don't forget the translucent jellyfish
And last (but not least) look deep beneath the sea for translucent jellyfish

Immersiva is full of mysteries and puzzles, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise for others by saying too much here.  I hope these pictures encourage you to visit  Immersiva in Second Life™. 

Bryn Oh’s own machinima are the best guides to the island! Take a look at: The Jellyfish Room on Blip TV ( and Ferrisquito at Immersiva (

Bryn Oh’s blog is to be found at:

Best wishes to Dusan Writer,  patron (saint) to high calibre virtual artists and Bryn Oh!

2 thoughts on “Stand-by for more Bryn Oh images…

  1. What an awesome build! I landed there and thought it was odd and a little sparse. I started walking around to see what was there. I couldn’t get into the jellyfish room, though I did watch the video. But the more I wandered and looked, the more exquisite I found the details. TINY gnats swarming around a light bulb. Perfect mechanical insects in unexpected places. The balls that fall in the tower. The Escher like effects. The hint of a back story. I ended up spending almost 3 hours there, just examining every detail and in different lights. Kudos to Bryn Oh. It’s an amazing piece of art. And like any piece of art, it’s signed in an out of the way place. I really liked that touch! 🙂 Well done!

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