Crumbling vanities

TheAbyss:  Risen from the Darkest Depths

TheAbyss: Risen from the Darkest Depths

 I am a busy person so I really appreciate the notices sent out by Bettina Tizzy to the NPIRL group. These notices tell me when a new art exhibit is on show in Second Life. They also tell me about special events which might involve music and dance (one day I will make it to see the Zero G dancers perform!)  The NPIRL group also covers imaginative ‘builds’ which brings me to my present cyberloom post. I was reviewing my NPIRL note cards recently, and Bettina mentioned the Abyss build, and added ‘you have been to The Abyss?’ Well I had not, so I swiftly set out to make amends by paying a visit.

A view of one of the twin Abyss towers
A view of one of the major Abyss towers
The Abyss. Detail showing pipes and concrete.

The Abyss turns out to be a shop. It reminded me (in an odd way) of one of those very exclusive tiny shoe shops you walk by in the posh parts of London. The sort that has a very bored shopping assistant who looks as though she fell out of a fashion magazine like an unwanted subscription card. Such a ‘real world’ shop may display about 12 pairs of shoes, each posed like sculptures on stands or spotlit glass shelving. The Abyss shop displays a range of cyberpunk items; not too many, after all post apocalyptic grunge has its own exclusivity in Second Life.

The Abyss. Detail showing windows sliding below ground level

The shop sits in a big damaged tower block. Turrets and towers reach up all around pointing up into the thick soup clouds above . Everything leans at dangerous angles, in places you can see the metal skeleton of  lost towers reminding us of the shattered World Trade Center. The whole construction, created by the brilliant builder Gene Replacement, seems as though it is standing on a broken earth. I expected to hear the stones and rubble shifting, bricks grinding each other into dust, and sudden mini avalanches of debris.

Abyss view showing turrets and towers

 Some of the towers reminded me of an old university, and I wondered if it was a statement about collapsing ivory towers? Or, perhaps this is a visual metaphor for the recent battering of so many American vanities? But then the location’s subtitle is “Risen from the Darkest Depths”. Maybe this is some alien, organism growing up from the earth’s molten core? You will have to go to The Abyss and decide for yourself. Just remember to dress up to go shopping here! Then you can pose casually amongst the other very thoughtfully dressed avatars who have dressed to be seen shopping at the Abyss.

Abyss shop detail
Abyss shop detail (showing cloth designs by Khai Sinister)

 Visit The Abyss at

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