Considering futuristic communication thing-gummies

I have been thinking it’s time to take a look at communication devices in Second Life. I tend to really like the Steampunk inventions first and shiny futuristic space age devices second. The thought behind this little examination of communication equipment is based on the idea that fact follows fancy. Who knows we may all be wearing the next fancy thing-gummy permanently attached to our bodies?  (No more dropping our smart phones down the loo.) Maybe we will be powering our own devices with our own body heat rather than causing them to stall with our sweat à la the iphone? The following photographs show the futuristic Holo Wristcomm created by Fenrir Reitveld.

Wristcomm provides a flip up virtual keyboard that glows in the dark (very useful)
A closeup of the Wristcomm. It's like wearing a netbook wrapped around your arm.
Wristcomm arm held at elegant angle while seated
Activating the Wristcomm's 'Danger' feature which (unlike the iphone) works under water
Unable to speak (underwater). Typing for help...

One observation to make, if you wear this device in a location where there is a lot of lag it keeps your arm locked up as though you are wearing a plaster cast. This reminded me of the prosthetic devices I have read about recently: Offbeat O&P–Prosthetic Finger Implanted with USB Drive and Eye-socket camera films from inside the head. Perhaps one day we will be able to get casts for broken arms that come loaded with MP3 players, IM, WiFi and direct links to facebook and Ebay?

Holo Wristcomm can be purchased from MechMind Industries in Hoodoo, Second Life.

Train station located at ImaginBoyzToyz, Second Life

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