Quadrapop, Glyph and a touch of Chiroco

http://slurl.com/secondlife/Poorlatrice%20/135/127/107/The Quadrapop Tree Gallery has been a little nomadic recently, shifting restlessly from one location to another. However, in a recent announcement from quadrapop Lane we are told that the gallery has finally found a permanent home. It now stands built into a vast hillside balancing on what looks like an elegant Giorgio de Chiroco viaduct. When I visited it was early morning, the gallery was shrouded in fog and a strange micro shower hovered above the Quadrapop Pond and its black swan. As I drew closer I saw the Chihuly-type raindrops were in fact the creation of none other than Second Life’s  Glyph Graves. Tall white pillars topped with tidy clumps of ivy spanned the gallery floor adding to the sense of wandering inside a surrealist painting.

Glyph Graves sky sculpture hovering over Quadropop Tree
Glyph's dripping sculpture appeared to be tumbling from the sky, sparkling and morphing as the giant drops fell to the ground below.

I teleported up to the gallery’s sky platforms featuring quadrapop’s own works called ‘quad’s view of the future of VR Worlds as seen in the past’. A document was delivered to my avatar titled ‘Secondlife by quadrapop Lane’. It is a summary of Second Life written from quad’s own point of view. It is difficult to summarize Second Life (I have attempted the feat on many occasions) I was impressed by how many aspects of Second Life quad touched upon in this short document. Each sculpture also has a web link connected to it,  by clicking on the sculpture you are whisked off to a web page tying Second Life to First Life.

quadrapop sculpture
quadrapop sculpture

I wandered the sky platforms, looking in every direction with my camera for shots. Now, I mention my virtual camera here for a very good reason. Many, many Second Life moons ago, while visiting one of quadrapop’s earlier galleries, my avatar fell right off the sky platform (I was looking for a fancy angle with my camera at the time). I came crashing down to land at quad’s feet in the gallery below. She kindly told me how to take the camera restraints off my virtual camera, thus allowing me to move my camera far away from my avatar to get my shots. (A useful tip that has helped me to avoid getting dangerously close to platform edges ever since.)

Starfish in the sky by quadropop lane
Starfish in the sky by quadrapop Lane

quad’s generosity does not stop at camera tips either. Golden eggs containing treasures are scattered across the Quadrapop Gallery floor. These are similar to the lucky chairs found in stores which take forever to give you something that no self respecting avatar will be seen wearing (even when ‘away from keyboard). Not the case here! These eggs give out fine surprises if you are observant and move quickly to click on them when you see the first letter of your avatar name. I won a beautiful flying manta ray fish and quad told me you can win pieces of art as well as flying fish.

quadrapop orb
Detail of another quadropop sculpture
Detail of another quadrapop sculpture
quadrapop in avatar person
quadrapop in avatar-person

quadrapop has made her gallery a space where you can hang out with friends. There is music via a  shoutcast board that is open to all to change the stream via the radio. She will also be running building classes at some point in the not too distant future.

Quadrapop Tree Gallery, Poorlatrice (135, 127, 107) Gosh! As Quadropop says in comments the gallery has been re-designed! Visit and have fun!

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