Nocturnal Art, Angel Wings and Tepidariums

A closeup of Bryn Oh's Wings on show at Locus
I returned to DB Bailey's Locus to explore the island further. Visits to Second Life can take on a dreamlike quality and the fun is we can photograph our dreams with our virtual cameras. My first stop was to visit Bryn Oh's Wings displayed in a winter landscape.
Roman bath room by DB Bailey with painting and French furnishings
Then I found myself in the tepidarium, a mysterious room, full of light beams and water fountains. DB Bailey has placed a couple of paintings by Lawrence Alma-Tadema in the room, they stand alongside elegant French furnishings.
Giant nude
The tepidarium was in the midst of being furnished when I visited and there was a giant naked lady slumbering on the floor! When I say giant... I mean gigantic! My sensation of dreaming was complete but I was in someone else's dream!

Links to visit:

DB Bailey’s Locus (See this amazing island for yourself but don’t wake the sleeping lady…)

Read more about tepidariums and Lawrence Alma-Tadema on Wikipedia

Read more about the giant naked lady in Bettina Tizzy’s Not Possible IRL blog post The Grand Odalisque – a sculpture by an unknown artist

This post is a follow on from my earlier post titled ‘Second Life-Why would you go there?’#6 To enjoy the nocturnal art of architecture

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