Socialnomics by a tall man with a great view.

My brother just reminded me about this great YouTube video…  I am sure most will have seen it but it’s surely worth seeing again?

Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad?
Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore.

This video is produced by Erik Qualman the author of Socialnomics.

There are some more videos on Erik Qualman’s interesting blog: Socialnomics – Social Media Blog and after visiting the blog myself I have reason to believe Erik is a tall man with a great view.

One thought on “Socialnomics by a tall man with a great view.

  1. A lot of impressive statistics (as well as slightly annoying music, or am I just getting old?).

    Of course, such statistics are the symptom of any change, they do not prove the change is fundamental. The first printing presses signalled a flowering of decentralised (and often pornographic) “chap-books”, but eventually most printing became centralised to a greater or lesser degree. However print did change how we distribute and deal with information. Bloggers etc. might become paid and centralised in the near future, so we don’t know *how* the change will end up yet. It is true the bottleneck has shifted from publishing and distribution, to filtering and finding. I would expect more centralisation and commercialisation on the “finding” end of things. Although slow to get going, many global companies will get in on the act.

    Word and mouth was *always* an important part of finding and judging products, its just not something that was so visible or something companies could do anything about before.


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