Love the Ending: Part 2

Cetus is a visual feast and, as they say, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’… so, no more words, just pictures (hope I don’t crash your graphics card). Don’t forget to double click the images for the full screen effect.

Cetus view
View of Cetus with Patch Thibaud's Anti-Gravity Pods in middle of the picture
red sky and towers view_006
Pagoda by Patch Thibaud with red sky and towers view in the background
Glyph Graves sculpture and moon
Shards of Glyph Graves sculpture tumbling from the moon
Seraph statue
Seraph by Pumpkin Tripsa
Avatar and sums
Avatar ponders Selavy Oh's secret code

More Cetus images can be seen on Cyberloom’s flickr account and in the D.B. Bailey flickr pool.

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