Steam Wyrmling visits the strange land of Pteron


Steam Dragon and Pteron
Steam Wyrmling visits the strange land of Pteron


Some time ago I purchased a superb steam dragon avatar at the Isle of Wyrms. To be more precise I acquired what is called a Steam Wyrmling created by Daryth Kennedy. Daryth also built the impressive  Isle of Wyrms location in Second Life where you will find a range of dragon eggs for sale in the Wyrms cathedral. If you wish to study these particular dragons more closely then pay a visit to the dragon wiki known as Encyclopedia Draconica.  (You can see the variety of dragons available at Wyrms Cathedral on the Limbo Dragon Species page.) One of the coolest features of Daryth’s dragons is the almost unlimited ability to change their external appearance by altering the color of their wings, scales and horns etc. And what better place to show off a Steam Wyrmling than in kei514 Flow’s strange land of Pteron? Pteron is a mysterious location with small satellite areas floating high above the main Pteron land mass. The first landing location you come to is rather reminiscent of an aquarium that needs a good clean, everything is a mottled green and it has a lonely abandoned feel. You have the option to teleport to Pteron’s satellites (each one worth exploring in its own right). For this post I explored the green palace which comprises the largest Pteron island. I adjusted my Steam Wyrmling by cladding it in bronze and gold armor, helping it to stand out against the Pteron surroundings. I encourage you to explore this other-world ruin, there are hidden rooms and surprises located throughout its maze-like sprawl. Perhaps you can even solve the mystery of what alien species once lived in the palace of Pteron and its satellites?


PTERON under the night sky
PTERON under the night sky



Steam Dragon with gold plate scales
Steam Wyrmling with bronze and gold armor



Steam dragon under water at Pteron
Steam Wyrmling under the Pteron Lagoon



PTERON built by kei514 Flow


Earlier Cyberloom posts about the Isle of Wyrms: ‘Opening an Isle of Wyrms’ Part One and Part Two.

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