Steaming into Viewer 2

Sunset over the dreaming spires of Oxbridge Caledon
Sunset over the dreaming spires of The University of Caledon Oxbridge

If you feel the need to brush up on the finer points of the official Second Life viewer then perhaps it is time to take a stroll through the grand halls of the University of Caledon Oxbridge?  This Steampunk influenced location applies the theme of a Victorian museum crossed with a university, placing tutorials inside glass cabinets which are then organized into topic areas within ‘colleges’. Volunteers are available to help the true newbies who can be seen wandering wildly in circles bumping into walls and threatening to crack the glass of the display cases (possibly on the verge of abandoning Second Life forever). I observed a ‘Professor’ rescue one confused newbie (who was holding a shopping bag, the new newbie ‘give-away’) by offering guidance, plus words of encouragement, before dispatching them on their way across the campus.

Oxbridge orientation
The University of Caledon Oxbridge orientation starting point

Once you have landed at the university’s orientation starting point follow the arrows to each of the colleges listed below:

College of Avatar Motion
Walking, Running, Flying, Sitting Down, World Map, Using landmarks and Short Range Teleports.
College of Camera Control
Camera Controls, Keyboard and Mouse Controls, Screen Controls and Mouselook
College of Communication:
Chat, Instant Messaging, Friends, Groups, Voice Chat, Setting Up Voice Chat and Etiquette
College of Finding:
Finding Things, My Inventory, Find Window, Search All, Search Places and Classifieds and Search People
College of Avatar Customization:
Varities of Avatars, Shapes and Skins, Changing Clothing, Outfits, Attachments, Clothing Layers, Appearance Mode, Animation Override
College of Money and Commerce:
Linden Dollars, Using the Lindex, Buying Lindens, Buying Things, Free Stuff, Opening Boxes, Prims, Land

'Try Sitting' in the College of Avatar Motion
'Try Sitting' in the College of Avatar Motion
College of Camera Control
Preparing to focus attention in the College of Camera Control

At the end of the orientation you arrive at the Caledon Library of Oxbridge. This is the place to visit if you are remotely interested in researching Steampunk as it provides all manner of 19th Century book resources. You can seat your avatar in the library and read books online, simply click on the appropriate bookcases for web links links that will open your browser at Topic areas include 19th Century Art & Fashion, Children’s Books, Science Fiction and Proto Steampunk, Science & Technology, Fantasy & Fairytales to name a few. One bookcase is labeled as Steampunk Information and this takes you to Steampunk related blogs (beware a couple of these links are broken). Finally, avatars without premium accounts can find free digs on the university’s campus, other avatars with a little spending money can rent rather classy accommodations in the Oxbridge Mews.

Oxbridge Mews
Oxbridge Mews (note the penny farthing icon and number, a little homage to the mysterious show 'The Prisoner' with Patrick McGoohan.)


Desmond Shang – Founder of the University Caledon Oxbridge

University Caledon Oxbridge tutorial created by Carl Metropolitan.

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