Interactive film summons your past

Jumping on the band wagon fashionably late as usual. I created my own personalized video to go with Arcade Fire’s song ‘We Used To Wait’.  The Wilderness Downtown project makes use of HTML5, Google Maps and Google Chrome to create this interactive film. When you create your own version try typing in the address of the house where you grew up, if you put the street number in you will probably see the house itself.

The Wilderness Downtown
The Wilderness Downtown interactive video film by Chris Milk

I picked Portchester Castle in Hampshire, U.K. I grew up close by and played there all the time as a kid. When the postcard option pops up have a go at typing something and then try drawing (you can send the postcard to someone if you want to) I just like doodling and then I let it melt away. You can shift the windows around your screen and I was surprised to find that Google Maps generates different views if you play the video again later.

The film is designed to play in Google Chrome (it downloads very fast if you have not already installed it on your computer). I found that it also plays in Safari but does not like Firefox and I have not tried Internet Explorer.

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