Bubbles in The Privy

I have been on the road again, watching the assorted end of the virtual world messages via twitter. Happy to say, I did finally manage to follow a tweet posted by Bevan Whitfield (last week) which landed me in a small gallery in Second Life called The Privy. There were some beautiful paintings by serra Qendra, masses of bubbles and some good music as various avatars celebrated the launch of the exhibition. The show is on for the whole of October, so though this post has considerable lag the excellent artwork is still available for viewing.The Manx Wharton Freakout sponsors The Privy, Nestra Careless assists Manx in running the show.The gallery has an almost zen-like simplicity, it is an unpretentious space showing quality 2D art.Second Life as we know it might be coming to an end (or at the very least a reincarnation) but the art goes on.

Bevan Whitfield in bubbles
Bevan Whitfield surrounded by bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles, all gliding through cyberspace space like Bevan's cheerful tweets
serra Qendra on show at the Privvy in Second Life
serra Qendra on show at the Privy in Second Life
serra Qendra paintings
serra Qendra paintings 'Parklife' (left) 'Urban Nature' (right)
Scarp in bubbles
Scarp Godenot peering through The Privy's bubbles

3 thoughts on “Bubbles in The Privy

  1. Your gallery reminded me of the little galleries around Covent Garden in London. I am sure I will be back to see what is on show next or to sail off the grid in a freebie yacht!

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