Exploring Inworldz using the Imprudence Viewer

Inworldz seems to be bobbing to the top of the list of alternative worlds for Second Lifers contemplating emigration. I decided to take a look at the world for myself.

That oh so familiar cloud thing!
Puffy cloud syndrome

I materialized using the Imprudence viewer and found myself experiencing puffy cloud syndrome. I waited to rez, I logged out, returned and waited to rez. The viewer is the same as the old SL viewer as far as I can tell. I panned around with my camera to see there were about 10 others avatars nearby, some were also puffs of smoke while others had bodies and were extremely well dressed.  I saw that one avatar was wearing a sign saying she was an ‘Inworldz Assistant”, her name was Astra and she called me ‘hun’ before sending over a nice little packet of body parts. (I love virtual worlds and their strange customs.) Astra had provided me with an InWorldz avatar starter kit which included: Starter Best Bald Base, Starter Eyes, Starter Hair, Starter Shape and Starter Skin. Once I donned my gifts I discovered I was Ruth with her very phony sun tan. My rescuer from puffy cloud syndrome said ‘Hun, you can de-Ruth yourself’ and she directed me over to a nearby shop generously packed with freebies.

I was Ruthed
I was Ruthed! Here my InWorldz avatar can be seen making butterfly hand shadows on a black wall... (which explains why you can't see my butterfly hand shadows).

Once I had kitted myself out with my new attire I felt ready to explore beyond the reaches of the freebie store. I wandered around a pretty park and found another shop with more freebies plus a number of empty stores. However, pleasant as the Desert Island reception area was, I really wanted to see the world beyond InWorldz shops.

View of InWorldz Desert Island area
View of InWorldz Desert Island area

I pulled up the InWorldz map and tried teleporting to random locations but found they would not let me land because I lacked the permissions. I decided there must be some kind of sign post to InWorldz areas located on the Desert Island area. I worked my way around again and finally returned to the store called Gadget Freebies [ InWorldz Desert Island (63, 128, 22) ] This store carries a range of useful landmarks to various InWorldz locations. Seems to me that it would be a very smart move on the part of InWorldz to create a sign post / teleport area. Put this close to where the newbies are arriving with pictures and a little notecard to assist grid-wanderers. For now your best bet would be to head for the Gadget Freebies shop for landmarks, this is where I picked up a teleport to the S&S Gallery of Fine Arts [ S&S Gallery of Fine Arts, Artlandia (42, 199, 22) ] and then set off into the unknown (well unknown to me anyway).

InWorldz map
A small section of the InWorldz map
elin egoyan painting
elin egoyan painting on show in Artlandia

I safely teleported to Artlandia and found a range of galleries built by Stepfanik Dagostino. Artlandia turned out to be a beautiful and sophisticated build showing a broad range of quality art. (This made my virtual day!) There is much to see and I aim to return and explore it in more depth. I was lucky enough to meet up with Stefanik on my second visit to Artlandia and he is a charming and friendly fellow (so say hello when you visit). He is in the process of building a museum to show off the work of InWorldz creators and he has also created a church yard for halloween, not to mention a number of imaginative art gallery spaces. InWorldz is surprisingly stable for such a young world, I did freeze once or twice and found when I teleported my avatar’s legs did an Irish dancer’s knee bend a couple of times on landing but on the whole everything held together really well. See below for some resources on InWorldz.

For more information about InWorldz

See http://inworldz.com/forums/ for discussions and tips plus places to visit.

InWorldz website: http://inworldz.com/index.php

Blogs that talk about InWorldz

Teal Etzel’s blog: http://tealetzel.wordpress.com/

soror Nishi’s blog: http://sorornishi.blogspot.com/

Imprudence viewer downloads are available at: http://imprudenceviewer.org/wiki/Downloads

4 paintings by Pete Jiminy
4 paintings by Pete Jiminy in Artlandia

2 thoughts on “Exploring Inworldz using the Imprudence Viewer

  1. We’re glad to hear you’ll be back! The one thing you’ll experience if you hang around is the incredible sense of community. For the most part everyone is warm, welcoming and helpful, I can’t say enough good things about it. Oh! Another great inworldz blog is http://whiskeyshots.wordpress.com/ check it out and have fun!!

    1. Hello Talia, Thank you for your comment and for the link to the whiskeyshots blog. I will definitely be returning to InWorldz and I aim to post more pictures of my finds on this blog. I hope there is a way I can add live links to locations soon. I guess instead of Slurls these would be iWzurls? (Pronounced iWurZurls perhaps?) I was seriously impressed by the quality of the builds and the friendly folk of InWorldz and encourage more folks to visit and explore!

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