The ‘Petrovsky flux’ and hypergrid travel

Thanks to Honour Macmillan and her blog I discovered that the fabulous duo of blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli have created a new ‘flux’. The Petrovsky flux can be seen on the Spencer Museum of Art’s island in Second Life. This flux, like its predecessor the Bogon flux, is a real puzzle to photograph as it periodically blows up, disintegrating in graceful slow motion before it begins the process of reconstituting itself once again. The skies in these photos (see below) are provided courtesy of the Imprudence Viewer. This viewer bears some comparison to the Petrovsky flux and its multiple corridors with their strange precarious destinations. The Imprudence viewer currently provides access to 17 virtual world destinations including Second Life, InWorldz, Reaction Grid, Jokaydia, and 3rdRock. (All you have to do is register with the relevant world then log in using the viewer.) These new evolving worlds are progressing through their own individualized mini creation myths as they grow from Second Life refugee enclaves into thriving new communities. When you explore these shiny new worlds perched upon OpenSim code you step into unexplored territory where you can guarantee the unexpected will happen…  For many useful clues to assist hypergrid travel read John Pathfinder Lester’s brilliant blog Be Cunning and Full of Tricks. For help navigating the shifting corridors of Petrovsky flux wear the essential (and free) ‘noggin protector’ available at the Petrovsky flux.

Detail view of the Petrovsky Flux created by blotto Epsilon and Cutea Benelli.
Strange display case
Detail showing the flux 'fabric' of basketry, bones and twisted roots
View of the Petrovsky flux in the midst of reconstitution
A great complexity pre-collapse
Green dome
Green dome
Petrovsky Flux
Sunset over the Petrovsky flux
cyberloom admires the view
cyberloom contemplates taking a hypergrid jump

For more information about the Petrovsky flux please visit the Spencer Museum of Art website.

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