Wishing the time flows slow for you

Dear Visitor, Welcome.
Enjoy the Summer evening breeze, the rich Forest’s scent, the powerful or quiet Sea and all the imagination and comfort it can bring to your eyes and peace to your senses. Take a walk, listen to music or to the Sounds of nature and environment, play with time and sky environmental settings to discover which atmosphere fits you most. Hidden Treasures and secrets may be found too…I hope truly you enjoy your stay, Wishing the Time flows slow for you,

Alia Baroque

This quote is taken from Alia Baroque’s note card greeter which pops up when you land in Alia’s beautiful Second Life location, the Arcipelagus, a string of mysterious enchanted islands in Second Life. I ramped up my Imprudence Viewer’s graphic settings to ultra and pushed the draw distance to the max to bring out the beauty of the scenes on my computer’s screen. All the images below can be enlarged by double clicking to show you a little of what this location has to offer virtual world adventurers. The Arcipelagus have been in existence for a while but they are worth returning to again and again, if you are visiting for the first time start at Annon, The Gate. On the other hand, if wonderful views are not your thing, and you would prefer to concentrate on rezzing a beautiful avatar in your virtual world, you will discover some fabulous new looks in Alia’s ‘Fallen Gods Inc’ store.

View of The Gateway Castle from ship's deck
Aboard the Pelican (created by Lia Woodget) with a view of Alia Baroque's majestic Tower Gate of Annon. (Annon 227, 18, 23)
Walkway (foggy morning)
Walkway at Aear, Lux Aeterna and Selidor Arcipelagus (Aear 60,146,21)
Study with desk and papers
Secluded study found in the small lighthouse on Aear, Lux Aeterna and Selidor Arcipelagus (Aear 53, 185, 46)
Cyberloom (in night elf form) tries on the 'Wings of Light' demo
Cyberloom (in night elf form) tries on the 'Wings of Light' demo on the 'Arcipelagus Senior Island, The home of Fallen Gods Inc and Lost Town.' (Selidor 187, 197, 25)
Another view of the castle
Steps leading up to the 'Home of Liber Obscurum, Library of the Occult' and home of the Mage School of Roke located on 'Athan Selidor... beyond the island' (Athan 176, 128, 23).

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