Is your Facebook account like a forgotten pair of socks (that fell behind the washing machine?)

My 12 year old son has just set himself up on Facebook and nabbed 20 friends in 20 hours to add to his all important (especially when you are 12 years old) Friend’s List.  He is delighted and keeps walking off with my new iPad to send messages to his buddies. Personally I have problems with Facebook but my criticisms are far from original so I won’t bore you with them here.

Have you noticed that Facebook generates a strange energy? For instance, if someone mentions it in any kind of meeting, however great or small, they better forget what they planned to discuss because the gathering will degenerate into a ‘how do you manage your Facebook account?’ anarchic free-for-all. A small number of FB aficionados find themselves coaching the large number  who feel completely frustrated by it. This makes me wonder: Out of the reported 750 million worldwide Facebook users how many really use it versus how many signed up and then left it gathering dust like a forgotten pair of socks that fell behind the washing machine?

Virtual washing machines
Virtual washing machines designed by Jasmine Digital at the Designers Edge Furniture Store in Second Life

Perhaps the world is gradually dividing into two social network factions? Extroverts will head for Facebook to externalize their experiences and use the application to know they are having these experiences. Introverts are destined to head over to Google+ because that app has some sweet tools that will filter the digital noise caused by gathering all our friends and acquaintances into one big online contact list. I am quite certain that 12 year olds will have a blast pulling faces and giggling at each other whether it is in Facebook’s Skype video chat or on Google’s Hangouts.

That said, if you by any chance missed the Google+ announcements take a look at the following posts:

The Google+ Demo page – Google’s soothing solution for those of us who go loopy when we hear the word facebook… looks good… love the ‘Circles’.

What is Google+ ? – Libby Plummer on Pocket Lint. If you can’t fathom out what is going on with that cool Google+ demo page this might help you.

An Introduction to Google+ – Joel Falconer on SitePoint.

If you want to read up on the latest Facebook/Skype/Microsoft video feature check out:

Why Facebook’s ‘awesome’ Skype announcement is terrible – Alexandra Petri on The Washington Post. This is a hilarious rant accusing Facebook of betrayal (because video conferencing will force people to speak to each other, really be social and have to interact with each other and worst of all they will have to be dressed to go online).

Finally, after reading all that plus your Facebook page you may find this last article helpful for your ensuing headache?

How Do I Prevent Eyestrain at My Computer – Alan Henry on LifeHacker

For avatars with dirty clothes head over to: This is the Designers Edge Furniture store which houses Jasmine Digital’s washing machine.

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