Whistler’s Mother Was a Pirate

Whistler's Mother Was a Pirate
Whistler’s Mother Was a Pirate

I took this photograph in the Second Life art gallery known as ‘Art Box’. The creators of the Art Box allow your avatar to become the subject of the art image of your choice:

"This is an 'Immersive' Art Gallery, you put yourself into famous
paintings or photographs, and then take your own photos... In this way
you reinvent the art, while being part of it. You become the artist
and the art." (Art Box Info.)

I counted over 70 possible images, something for every avatar-pilot out there. The creator-curators are Frankie Rockett and Violet Sweetwater, visit their flickr site to see over 400 Art Box photos.

One thought on “Whistler’s Mother Was a Pirate

  1. Hi Cyberloom
    I stumbled across your blog here & just wanted to say how delighted both Violet & I are that you had fun at Art Box, that you blogged it for others, and that you gave us such clear credit for our work. Thank you! And do say ‘hi’ next time you’re in the vicinity.



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