Pixel Light Travel

alpha.tribe avatar wearing scuba gear skin
Cyberloom wearing alpha.tribe scuba gear to enable 'Pixel Light Travel' at Burn2

Virtual travelling has its problems don’t you know. Teleporting is great and I wish it was physically possible to pick a location on the other side of the planet and then just be there. One day, maybe this form of travel will be perfected? Perhaps we have already caught a brief glimpse with the recent surprises at Cern where experiments suggest that subatomic particles have traveled faster than the speed of light. (See the BBC article ‘ Speed-of-light results under scrutiny at Cern‘.)

Traveling around Second Life’s Burn2 event on a busy day means dealing with enormous lag. Teleports can be as slow as a wait for a Zone 5 seat on a domestic airline jet in the US. Then, once you arrive at your destination you find your avatar behaving like a random quark as it negotiates digital space. I know I am not the only one having ‘funny moments’ in the digital desert, every so often I see another avatar standing still while their legs run really, really fast on the spot.

The solution is for everyone to reduce their avatar rendering by flinging off their pixel coverings. Better yet, pick up Alpha Auer’s free scuba gear at alpha.tribe. Just wear the wetsuit (without any accessories such as an aqualung or neko ears) and your avatar can achieve the stunning avatar rendering of 100.

Visit the alpha.tribe store in Second Life to pick up your scuba gear created by Alpha Auer.

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