Following Hypergrid Jumpers

Alpha Reaction Grid flight
Reaction Grid Alpha Test flight (I actually got stuck in the air here but I was very philosophical. I had entered a test grid after all).

John “Pathfinder” Lester is living up to his nickname with ‘Be Cunning and Full of Tricks’. His blog leads the way to unexplored 3D spaces that lie beyond the jupiterian shadows of Second Life.

A recent post  Report: The Hypergrid Adventurers Club tests ReactionGrid’s Opensim 0.7.2 Alpha Grid described how 10 intrepid Hypergrid Jumpers gathered together to jump from one Open Sim Grid to another. They visited four worlds:

New World Grid
New World Grid - an Eldorado of vacant tiki huts

I decided to follow in the footsteps of the Hypergrid Jumpers. This grand adventuring involved adding each grid to my Imprudence viewer by filling out short forms with somewhat convoluted web paths. Unfortunately, I did not  jump from one grid to another as I have not fathomed how this is accomplished. Instead, I visited each world one by one, returning home for a nice cup of tea before flinging myself off into the unknown (well unknown to me that is).

The mood of mystery and adventure inspired me to add fancy lighting effects to my souvenir photographs. I use this artistic license to convey the fact that I am visiting lesser known worlds in outer-cyberspace.

The Cloud Lounge
New World Grid - The Cloud Lounge

To be continued…

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