Following Hypergrid Jumpers #2

Here are a couple more photographs from my quick visits to alternative virtual worlds (see previous post for more information). Of course, it is quite arbitrary what pictures I come back with. I just point my avatar and jump into the new world then wander around. I have no guide books, and if I see a green dot lurking in the nether regions of these new worlds I find am far too shy to go and say ‘hello’ I come from Earth etc. I clearly need to re-visit these worlds and afford them a decent amount of exploration time. However, for now the fun is simply finding it has become pretty easy to hop off into new worlds.
Lost on German Grid
Lost on German Grid this sun wheel island caught my eye

Mind you, this could be the start of a new sport. Jump into an unknown online 3D world and look for certain items in each world… You must return with a flower, a hat, a work of art and an animal, sounds more fun than stamp collecting don’t you think? It certainly is a worthy challenge for Grid Ninjas. Anyway, for now I have two images to share. One is a sun shaped island I found whilst lost on the German Grid (see above) the other is a rather charming view of Fleep Grid’s Chilbo.

Fleep Grid: Chilbo
Fleep Grid: Chilbo

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