soror Nishi is the ‘bee’s knees’ (InWorldz)

I have been flying around Soror Nishi’s island like a bee buzzing around flowers. soror is inspired by plant forms and provides a bug’s eye view of the architectural sweeps of tree branches, sprouting bulbs and bulging stamens.

Xmess Daisy Tree (closeup)
Xmess Daisy Tree (closeup)

It is intriguing that she uses such vivid, almost cartoonesque colors to create her fabulous plant emporium in the virtual world of InWorldz. The colors lend a bright humorous feel yet close examination reveals soror’s organic creations have near cousins in our duller toned, earthy world.

Complex thorny thing by soror Nishi
Complex thorny thing by soror Nishi

This virtual garden center is built upon tiers which reach high up into the skies of InWorldz. Visiting avatars fly through these layers and this ‘visual-movement’ of traveling through 3D space provides a sense of what it must be like to buzz around a flowerbed! (I half expected to see neon colored pollen dusting my avatar’s knees as I flew from flower to flower.)

Seed clouds by soror Nishi
Seed clouds by soror Nishi

If you visit, watch out for the layer of seed clouds topped by ghostly mushrooms. My sense of scale went haywire as I flew through this cloud. It seemed for a moment as though bubbles of giant coral were hovering above great whales basking in the InWorldz sea, then I realized the ‘whales’ were corn on the cob shaped seed pods suspended in the midair just below me.

Telepathic Swamp Lily by soror Nishi
Telepathic Swamp Lily by soror Nishi

soror Nishi’s work can be found in Second Life as well as InWorldz. Virtual world artists are not tied by the gravitational pull of just one virtual world, they are increasingly inclined to travel across the digital vacuum of cyberspace, pollinating new worlds with their ideas and creations. having said that, no more appropriate plant can end this post than soror’s ‘Telepathic Swamp Lilies’

Inworldz Landmark: Rainbow Country, soror Nishi Island (36, 90, 21).

2 thoughts on “soror Nishi is the ‘bee’s knees’ (InWorldz)

  1. Hi, there is a little pink teleport button on the platform at sea level that will take you to an even higher world which I call Transubstantiation. It is the prototype for a world I created in SL at UWA.

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