The Returning has Departed

Temple Towers
Marcus Inkpen, an outstanding artist working in Second Life created “The Returning” a project made possible through support provided by the Linden Endowment for the Arts. The “Returning” was closed recently to make room for a new LEA project. These photographs give a sense of the beautiful and mysterious site that is now just a memory.
Blue phone booth in woods
A lonely telephone booth standing in the middle of a vast wood.
"The Returning" emerging from the woods
A strange temple appearing at the edge of the wood
View of temple pond
View of the temple’s quiet reflecting pool, if you could walk around the pool and into the trees lying straight ahead you would find the telephone booth featured above.
Interior view
Interior view of the Arcanum Library within the temple. A giant pendulum is gently rotating within the low circular wall, this is positioned at the center of the temple and counts the minutes in graceful swinging arcs.
Arcanum book display
In each alcove of the Arcanum Library mysterious books are displayed (tantalizingly behind glass).
Tower View
View from one of the temple towers. “The Returning”, as Inkpen explains “explores the spiritual connection we once experienced, as an integral part of life, now lost – but lying in wait for our return.” I hope to return to “The returning” one day…

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