Looking for George Washington


“Jesus is Lord Garage & Salvage” located in the Village & BarDeco (Second Life)

Presidential candidates might find a quick pit stop and meditation at the “Jesus is Lord Garage & Salvage” auto repair shop* a helpful activity. A chance to receive the combined gifts of a practical yet spiritual car mechanic.

Given the troubled state of American politics, all opportunities to find life supporting last straws are surely going to be helpful? I have a useful suggestion of my own called bonsai politics. This is based upon Mitch McConnell’s advice that President Obama should not be allowed to nominate a candidate for the Supreme Court during his remaining time in office.

This suggestion could be adopted in other areas for example:

  • Last year of mortgage payments no longer to be paid because it is the last year.
  • Last year of a prison sentence need not be served.
  • Last year of school to be dropped.
  • etc.

You get the idea. For the moment let us concentrate on the reduction of political terms that will lead to bonsai politics. That is we sever the agreed upon time limit for Presidents to make decisions. This frees us to wonder why the elected fellow should stay in office if not expected to carry out duties anymore? The result of this tinkering results in a new shorter (also agreed upon) time period. We can now once again apply Mitch McConnell logic to this new block of abbreviated time. After all, what is there to stop us from continuing to cut back time whenever we don’t agree on something? It’s a lovely idea because we can reverse engineer decisions until we eventually enter negative time, that is the time that has already  been ‘used up’ and passed by. Now I suggest we can keep going backward until we get the opportunity to re-select George Washington “the only president to receive the totality of electoral votes“. (Wikipedia).

Toolbox by NiR McBride
Toolbox by NiR McBride

Personally, I believe if we run George posthumously he would win again. (My logic is suspect but perhaps a shade more realistic and comforting than Donald Trump’s logic?) So, I propose we all stop at the “Jesus is Lord Garage & Salvage” repair shop to revive George Washington. Consider this as you sit cross-legged amongst the monkey wrenches and incense of the inspection pit: George Washington was neutral, a public servant working for America. He did not belong to a party. Robert Alexander writing at the time of the government shutdown of 2013 talks about George Washington’s farewell speech in which the retiring president of America “.. cautioned against the vengeful practices of political parties. To him, parties put their own interests above those of the country.” The thing is, I am not sure that George pictured vengeful practices within the political parties themselves? Watching recent events makes me wonder if a Guardian Ad Litem might be found at “Jesus is Lord Garage & Salvage” to represent the best interests of bewildered voters?

1-Tea lights-KEAN-KELLEY
Tealights by Kean Kelley – The Village & BarDeco Church


*Repair shop located in the virtual world of Second Life.  “Jesus is Lord Garage & Salvage” can be found at The Village & BarDeco owned and designed by Dandy Warhol (terry.fotherington).