Sunset over Hypatia

I flew over to visit Hypatia in Second Life this evening and am dismayed to find this beautiful, atmospheric location seems to have vanished. I am rather vainly hoping the creators have decided to build elsewhere or start a new project perhaps?

Glimpsing the Hypatia Harbor through trees
Glimpses of Hypatia Harbor through trees
Rooftop view from Tusken, Hypatia
Roof top view Tusken, Hypatia
Ships and tall tower, Hypatia Harbor
Ships and tall tower, Hypatia Harbor

Honor McMillan posted a lovely article about the area in the summer of 2012  titled “Distracted by Hypatia”. Sad to say, it also appears that the neighboring fabulous “Joy of Steampunk Museum” has gone off to another realm as well. Here’s hoping I am completely wrong and my Second Life viewer was just malfunctioning this evening…

Shortly after sending out this post I received the following somewhat reassuring tweet from Corcosman:
“re: Joy of Steampunk. Went there on PhotoHunt event recently. Was told the sim owner was going to build something new.”
So, the sun may indeed have set over Hypatia and the Joy of Steampunk Museum but the good news is that something new is brewing (and my viewer was not on the blink).

And a note about the update
Corcosman mentions the Photo Hunt Group in Second Life. This group travels off together to visit a selected location where they all take a number of photographs for one hour.  Upon their return the photographers select their favorite image for display. A voting process follows to select the best images from the Photo Hunt. Gridjumper’s Blog explains the procedure in more detail in her post: Take a Photo, Capture an Idea in the Virtual World.

Irrational Fancy

“It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream.”

― Edgar Allan Poe (Quotes about the Past)

Faded photograph captures the moment when an airship flew over the Kittiwickshire Clock Tower.

The faded photograph (above) captures the moment when a dirigible flew over the Kittiwickshire Clock Tower. Kittiwickshire is located in the Independent State of Caledon, Second Life.

The Clock Tower is owned by Aurysa and was built by Fatima Ur, the owner and creator of Antique Artisty, LLC.