Happy Birthday Pop Art Labs!

Today was the first year birthday of the Pop Art Labs. Sadly, I got there rather late for the celebrations – the birthday party had already been running for a good 6 hours by the time I popped in! Still, the Labs looked festive with fabulous flowers everywhere, a band called Engrama was playing and people were dancing, or mellowing out as the sun rose in the early morning sky. Here are some photos recording my very late visit to the birthday bash.

A big congratulations and Happy Birthday wishes to Pop Art Labs and the charming master mind behind the whole fabulous operation Claus Uriza!

Happy Birthday to PAL- Pop Art Labs!
Happy Birthday to PAL- Pop Art Labs!
Engrama band playing at PAL's birthday party
Engrama playing the final set at PAL's birthday party
Claus Ulriza dancing (one of the sweetest people you will ever find in Second Life!)
Claus Uriza dancing (Claus is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in Second Life! If you see him say hi!)
PAL Flower Power!
PAL Flower Power!

Check out the Pop Art Lab’s blog for upcoming events at the Labs visit:  http://popartlab.blogspot.com/

See earlier cyberloom posts about PAL here: ‘plug it in, change the world’ and 3D Pop Art Lab Experiment

Location of PAL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pop%20Art%20Lab%20/86/128/131/

Happy Birthday Claus and everyone at PAL!